In the year 1939, about a dozen men from the Cassville area decided that it was time to form a Volunteer Fire Company. They met at Norton’s Garage in Cassville. The Fire Company was formed after all papers were filed.

Now, equipment and a building were needed. Men were appointed to look into the purchase of a new truck to serve the area. After some time, a used REO pump truck was purchased. The next step was to acquire land to build a firehouse. Everyone knew this would require a lot of hard work from each and every one of them. The land was purchased from Arnold Schenker Sr. in the amount of $75.

The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in 1947. They went right to work holding bake sales and other fund-raiser functions to help the newly formed fire department. One fund-raiser they held became an annual event – The Ham & Oyster supper. The first one they held was in a small building behind the Methodist church. Steve Lengyel did the cooking on kerosene. After the first dinner, they were held at Rova Farms each year prior to the General Election period. Rova Farms donated their facilities with everything needed to hold these dinners. This was Rova Farms donation to the Fire Company. Rova Farms and their people have always been good friends to the Fire Company. Tickets to the very first Ham and Oyster dinner were sold for 75 cents. Now the Fire Company was on its way. A building was in the works. Fund drives, Chicken barbecues, Chinese Auctions, and Bake Sales were held to raise money.

The War came upon us and many of the men from the area enlisted; the Fire Company held its own. The building was started in 1943 and finished in 1946.

The firemen helped whenever requested; with the forest service and other fire companies in the area. Whitesville was the first fire company formed, followed by Cassville. The township was growing.

In 1963, there was a forest fire of immense proportions. The next 72 hours would be hard, not only on the Cassville firemen, but also on the hundreds of Volunteers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. The Ladies Auxiliary had been planning a roast beef dinner for that Saturday, but instead, all the food went to feed the hundreds of firemen. The other fire companies and auxiliaries, as well as residents and businesses, donated food for the volunteers. There were too many to mention, but were all appreciated.

A short time after the forest fire, the Cassville Fire Station was to have a fire of its own. The firehouse was rebuilt and the Fire Company came back bigger and better than before.

A substation was built in 1979. It houses additional equipment, from a $175.00 truck to today’s fleet of trucks with a value up to $700,000.00 each. This all enables the Fire Company to serve the people of District No. 2 to its fullest potential.

On August 26, 1989, the Fire Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary. At that time, K.R. Youmans was recognized as the Companies first Life Member. Since then, five more members have achieved Life Member status. At about the same time, Unit 5611 was retired due to age and outdated equipment. Unit 5607 was acquired within a two-week time period to replace the retired apparatus; thus the nickname "Kwik Decision".

In 1990, the Fire Company upgraded the quotation "Rolling River" with the purchase of a 1990 Peterbilt ("Rolling River II"). In addition a 1972 Dodge Power Wagon, formerly a State Forest Fire vehicle, was purchased to compliment the brush truck fleet.

In 1991, ground was broken for a pavilion. Fire Company members as well as several additional volunteers dedicated many hours of their time to complete this project.

August of 1994 saw the purchase of a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban Chief’s vehicle.

March of 1996, The many long years of planning for a new ladder truck finally became a reality. A truck committee was formed and we were on our way. As we were progressing with the ladder truck, a need arose for the purchase of a light rescue pumper. The responsibility of the fire company was expanding and extrication was becoming a fire company task.

In July of 1997 the light rescue unit numbered 5617 was delivered. A Ford F-450 "Super Duty" capable of quick attack for structure and vehicle fires, along with the capability of extrication. The truck was built by Custom Steel Fabricators of Bricktown NJ.

In October of 1997, the Ladder Tower numbered 5605 was delivered. An Emergency One 105’ Ladder Tower, 1500 G.P.M. pump, with over 110’ of ground ladders. The truck was built by Emergency One of Ocala Florida and the dealer was Absolute Fire Protection of South Plainfield NJ.

The beginning of the Millenium, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 brought a significant amount of equipment replacement as well as new additions for the growing town. The first to be ordered was a 2001 Emergency-One "American Eagle" Series 1500 GPM Single Stage Engine/Pumper. This unit was numbered 5601, and now served as the new first due engine (above 5621). This piece of apparatus was aquired due to the growth in population and for the replacement of an earlier retired engine also named 5601.

Following the aquisition of 5601, a new Chiefs vehicle was ordered. This was a 2002 Ford Excursion 4X4 with a V10 engine. The vehicle, upon receipt, was customized to the chiefs requests and numbered 5600. This vehicle included communications capabilities to speak with multiple surrounding counties, the Jackson First Aid, The NJ State Police and PA State Medi-Vac Helicopter Paramedics, as well as almost all of the Ocean County Fire Companies. It was soon placed into service. The 1994 Chevy Suburban was now renumbered to 5610 and used as the Assistant Chiefs vehicle.

While the new Excursion Chiefs vehicle was under way, the Jackson Township First Aid decided they no longer had use for their "Collision Unit" and wanted to sell the truck. The Cassville Fire Company, as well as others took interest in the vehicle and considered its use. The fire company quickly purchased the vehicle and started making plans for equipment-funds as well as possible uses of the vehicle. From the start, the idea was to relinquish all extrication responsibilities from the first aid to the fire company. 5617 had extrication equipment removed and placed on to the now "Rescue 5603", as well as many new devices purchased due to the demand of the fire company. Rescue 5603 is now very well equipped with many rescue and extrication devices that enable many types of rescue for most situations (before specialty technical rescue). More equipment and training is planned for future acquisition.

To complete the beginning changes for the new Millenium, the Fire Commissioners decided it was time to retire brush unit 5609; a 1972 Dodge Powerwagon originally purchased from the State Forest Fire Service. The Commissioners acquired a GMC brush unit from the Jackson Fire Company around January 2003. The truck was slowly brought into service before the start of spring.

In 2001 the fire company acquired a new pumper manufactured by Emergency One Inc. This engine was a four door industrial pumper with 1,00 gallons of water capacity and a 1,500 gpm single stage pump. The engine went into service as the first due engine, placing the Hahn (5621) as the second due engine. 5621 still was in need of replacement, even as a second due piece of apparatus.

One may believe these 4 new acquisitions would be enough to suffice the growing township of Jackson, but equipment gets old. Now there is an interest to Replace 5621, the 1986 Hahn Pumper. Since Hahn no longer manufactures fire engines, parts are hard to find. In late Spring 2003, the search is on for a new 5621, or at least conversation has commenced.

March 2004, the largest engine this fire company has owned in a while goes into service, 5611. To replace 5601 as the first due engine and move that to second due, 5621 was now retired. Engine 5611 was a find the fire company could not refuse. While the purchase of this unit was a used pumper purchase, it was a smart one. This engine has the capability of pumping 2,000 gallons per minute and carries 8 firefighters, along with 1,500 gallons of water, with a rear dump valve. The biggest change this engine will bring to the Cassville Fire Companies history is not its firefighting capability, but rather its color. Engine 5611 is red. Not Since the 1970's has the fire company had a red fire truck. The main color has been safety yellow, until the acuirement of the new 5609 Brush unit and Engine 5611. A new look is underway.

Winter 2005 and once again a new piece of equipment is needed. Engine 5607, our "Kwik Decision" unit has been retired with the acuisition of 5611, but no apparatus is sized appropriately to fit our Sub-Station. The Commissioners and Fire Officers agree that yet another Engine is needed. Several manufacturers were reviewed, and with the Protection of Fire District 2 as well as the tax payers pockets in mind, the decision to order a Red 2006 Elite Manufacturing Class A Pumper, custom made to fit our Sub-Station Quarters is ordered. This Engine will serve the community as a primary response engine from our Sub-Station with Fire and Rescue capabilities.

The Cassville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 has continued to grow and prosper. This success has been made possible due to the dedicated membership and other volunteers who have donated countless hours and have freely given of their time to protect both lives and property.

Past Presidents and Chiefs

2015 - President Adam Poppe, Chief John I. Alchevsky
2014 - President Charlie Staffieri, Chief Matthew Genovese
2013 - President Jean Paul Bergeron, Chief Adam Poppe
2012 - President Joseph R. Mergner, Chief Adam Poppe
2011 - President Kenneth Persichetti, Chief John I. Alchevsky
2010 - President Gregory Genovese, Chief John I. Alchevsky
2009 - President Andrew Kubinski, Chief John I. Alchevsky
2008 - President Douglas Velting II, Chief John I. Alchevsky
2007 - President Douglas Velting II, Chief Matthew Genovese
2006 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Matthew Genovese
2005 - President Douglas Velting II, Chief Matthew Genovese
2004 - President Douglas Velting II, Chief Keith Novak
2003 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief James Grande, Jr.
2002 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Gary Poppe
2001 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Gary Poppe
2000 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Wallace W. Jamison
1999 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Wallace W. Jamison
1998 - President Bruce Youmans, Chief Thomas Singer
1997 - President Thomas Singer, Chief Wallace W. Jamison
1996 - President Thomas Singer, Chief Wallace W. Jamison
1995 - President Thomas Singer, Chief Wallace W. Jamison
1994 - President Wallace W. Jamison, Chief Paul Baumgarten
1993 - President Bruce W. Youmans, Chief Paul Baumgarten
1992 - President Bruce W. Youmans, Chief Paul Baumgarten
1991 - President Bruce W. Youmans, Chief Paul Baumgarten
1990 - President Charles Anderson, Chief Paul Dufour
1989 - President Charles Anderson, Chief Paul Dufour
1988 - President Charles Anderson, Chief Howard Letts
1987 - President Charles Anderson, Chief David VanArsdale
1986 - President Charles Anderson, Chief Howard Letts
1985 - President Charles Anderson, Chief Howard Letts
1984 - President Charles Anderson, Chief John Kebeck
1983 - President George Edgar, Chief William Lodato
1982 - President Richard Homeny, Chief Charlie Childs
1980 - President Gus Stamos, Chief David VanArsdale
1979 - President Ernie Farley, Chief David VanArsdale
1978 - President Ernie Farley, Chief George Edgar
1977 - President Gus Stamos, Chief George Edgar
1976 - President Gerald Samson, Chief George Edgar
1975 - President Gerald Samson, Chief Julio Bayron
1974 - President Gerald Samson, Chief James Sloan
1973 - President Kenneth Wickham, Chief Raymond Letts
1972 - President George Piercy Jr., Chief James Sloan
1971 - President William Randolph, Chief Oliver Youmans
1970 - President Oliver Youmans, Chief James Sloan
1969 - President Oliver Youmans, Chief Richard Sloan
1968 - President Oliver Youmans, Chief Arnold Schenker
1951 - President William Altone, Chief Arnold Schanker
1950 - President William Altone
1948 - President Carl Goetz, Chief Arnold Schanker
1947 - President Steven Lengyll, Chief Arnold Schanker
1946 - President Stanley Switlik, Chief Arnold Schanker
1945 - President Joseph Youmans, Chief Arnold Schanker
1944 - President W.M. Reed, Jr., Chief Arnold Schanker